Unique Numbers

If you were looking for a number, try here for a base-32 one or here for those of you with a decimal bent.

I believe there are several possible uses for numbers with my particular character.

Here's what you get.

A unique sequence of numbers - and I mean unique! Not only will no one else ever get the same sequence but no one else will ever get any of the same numbers - ever. By my calculation the method I use will give me about 20,439,879,147,794,490 different sequences. With the world population currently standing at about 7.117 billion people that means that each person on the planet could take 2,871,979 sequences and still never repeat a single number.

Each sequence will be about 1,938,077,995,156 numbers long. If you consume one number every millisecond it would take you over 60 years to reach the end of your sequence.

The Maths

I've put together some discussion of the maths behind these sequences here.

What we could use them for.

I think there are several current possibilities for using sequences like this.
  1. Encryption - let's face it, this is the classic one-time pad. You hand the details of your sequence to whoever wants to send you data and the message is uncrackable. Essentially you will be encrypting your message with a random bit sequence.
  2. Card numbers - if the card industry could invest in something as simple as this your card number need never be the same twice. How can anyone impersonate you then?
  3. I am sure you have some ideas.
You can find some details about the maths on my Maths page. If you would like to contact me you could e-mail me.

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